ARC Approval Process

Please note that we are only able to distribute a set number of ARCs per title and unfortunately can’t approve all applicants.


Please make sure that you are currently caught up with reviews of ARCs that you’ve received from us in the past and that you properly fill out the entire form as incomplete forms are not accepted.

This includes direct links to your blog, review sites, and/or social media platforms where you review.


All accounts must be public to be approved and your links should be updated regularly.

If you’re a part of our Master List and need to update any links, email


When sorting through applicants, we’re looking for reviewers/influencers with strong engagement rates, dedicated followings, and regular posting activity of bookish content. We’re specifically looking for thoughtful, spoiler-free reviews rather than just ratings.

It will depend on the release as to what the specific metric requirements are.


All ARC signups are for digital copies only.


All sign ups are closed 3 weeks prior to the release of the book.

If approved, it will be sent via BookFunnel (or NetGalley if specified on the signup).

ARCs are scheduled to be sent two weeks before the release, unless specified by the author.

Once the signup is closed, we cannot add additional Influencers to the list.

Master List Sign Up

If you’ve previously signed up and need to update any of your information, please contact

rather than creating a duplicate account.

Open Sign Ups

ARC Review Form

Ready to submit your ARC review links? Please fill out our review form.


If you have any questions that aren’t answered here, please email us at

How can I sign up for the influencer list?

You can do so by filling out the “Master List Sign Up” form above. You can also access the form by clicking here: Master List Sign Up

Can you tell me how to find my review links?

For information on how to find your review links, please click here:

This is my first time receiving an ARC from GP. What do I do now?

Please make sure to add the approved sender emails as stated in the email confirmation you received. You’ll receive the ARC by the date listed in the email. You can post your review to Goodreads and your social media when you are done reading however, please DO NOT post any spoilers. Please make sure to post your review to retailers ON release day. Reviews are due to our review form one week after the release.

I recently signed up for the Influencer Master List, was my application accepted?

When you sign up for our Influencer Master List, you are added to our database of Influencers. If you selected to receive newsletters, you will start to receive them immediately. You will need to sign up for ARCs individually and you can refer to our open signups as well as our ARC Approval Process on this page.

Are the ARCs physical copies?

No, they are digital copies sent via BookFunnel unless specified otherwise on the signup.

I signed up for the cover reveal, where is my ARC?

Please be aware that by signing up for a Cover Reveal, Release Blitz or Instagram Blast that it does not guarantee that you will receive an ARC.

When do sign ups close? How will I know if I’m approved for an ARC?

Once our signup has been vetted by our team, we will send you an email whether or not you will be receiving an ARC.

I’ve received the last few ARCs from my favorite author, why wasn’t I approved this time?

With each release, we try to reach as many new Influencers as we possibly can and sometimes that means not everyone can receive an ARC. We apologize but also ask that you do not reach out to the author for an ARC.

You say ARCs are limited but are they really?

Yes, they truly are limited.

Are you still sending ARCs direct to Kindle?

No, we are now using BookFunnel to distribute ARCs! This allows us to send everything at one time. As a precautionary measure to protect out Authors, you will see that your ARC is watermarked. This ensures that the unauthorized copying or distribution of the ARC can be traced back to its original recipients, discouraging any potential misuse of material.

I’m not seeing the email from BookFunnel. What should I do now?

Please check your spam folder for an email from BookFunnel and if you do not see it, please reach out to

The ARC was sent out just days before release and I can’t review in that time frame. Can I have more time to review?

Yes, if the ARC is sent less than 7 days from the release date you will be given more time to review. The date reviews are to be submitted will be included in the confirmation email that is sent once ARCs go out.

I can’t find the review form, where is it?

The link can be found in your email confirmation that the ARC was sent to you. You can also access it here: ARC Submission

I went to sign up for an ARC and it says it’s closed. Can you add me to this list?

Unfortunately, no. Once the signup is closed, we cannot add any additional names to that list.

I can’t review on Amazon, what do you want me to do?

If you can’t review on Amazon we ask that you please post your review to Goodreads and BookBub if you have an account.

Can I post my review to my social media?

Yes, once you finish reading you can post your review to your social media but it must be SPOILER FREE. If Grey’s Promotions or the author feels that the review is giving away too much of the story, we may reach out to you to revise your review.

How do you pick Influencers for ARCs?

This is the toughest question we get asked. Each sign up is unique. Sometimes we have a lot of ARCs from the author, sometimes the number is less. It really depends on the title. Also, keep in mind that most people signing up – love the author, have all written reviews, great social media engagement and we just have to randomly pick when there are so many people who fit the criteria for that ARC. This part of the job is awful and we wish everyone could get an ARC, but unfortunately that can’t be the case. You can find everything you need to know about our ARC Approval Process on this page.

I’m going to rate the book under 3 stars, when do you want me to post?

We ask that you use your judgment as to whether or not the review should be posted and when to do so. However, we do ask that you please DO NOT TAG the author in anything that is a two star rating or below. It is customary to hold back reviews a week after release if they have been rated less than three stars, but we leave this up to your discretion. While we do ask for an honest review, please remember how crushing it can be to an author to wake up on release day and see a one star rating on how awful the book is.

I didn’t get any of the packets, who do I contact for that?

If you didn’t receive the packet(s) we send out, please email:

It’s one week after the release and I don’t have my Amazon approval yet. What do you want me to do?

Send us what you have & submit a new form when you have Amazon links.

I didn’t like the book, why do I still need to submit a review form?

We need to account for each ARC that was sent out, whether or not that results in a review. If you don’t fill out the form, we will assume you didn’t read the book and it will hurt your chance with other ARC opportunities.

I’ve noticed you have NetGalley on your signups, why is that?

Yes, we are now asking that you also please provide us with your NetGalley email. We would like to have an alternative way to send ARCs out to you should Amazon decide we cannot send them from our email accounts. If you don’t have a NetGalley account, you can sign up for a free account here –

I received an email that my review links were not submitted but I know I sent them in. Why does that happen?

Most times, the email was typed wrong or the names do not match. For example, if you signed up as Alex but then submitted the review as Alex’s Book Blog, it is not going to connect the two names. Please double check your email address before submitting the form and make sure the review form name is what you signed up as! Technology is great when it works and sometimes, it just doesn’t work. We know it’s not ideal to resubmit the form multiple times but this does help us report back to our authors!

I need to update my mailing address, who do I contact for that?

Please email to update your information.

Thank you so much for your dedication to Grey's Promotions and our clients. We love hearing from our influencers and if you have any questions, please feel free to email us at

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