Our Team

Shelbe Hrnicek, Client Relations

Though Shelbe is an Alaskan and will always remain one at heart, she’s since expanded her roots and settled in North Carolina. As for books; the moment she began reading her mother’s Nora Robert’s, tucked away beneath the covers with a flashlight, she was sold. Now, years later, her Kindle follows wherever she goes. Her favorite genres are romance and fantasy (especially the grumpy/sunshine trope), but she’ll devour anything that’s fictional.

She has a background in marketing, and is thrilled to combine experience with her passion for literature, and all it encompasses.

Shelbe spends her free time with her husband, two dogs, and her army of house plants. Additionally, you may find her dabbling in photography, exploring new destinations, or cooking alongside her husband.

Josette Ochoa, Promotions Manager

Josette lives in the South along the Texas and Mexico border where AC and iced coffees are necessities.

She also graduated from THE University of Texas at Austin with a degree in Advertising. She loves combining her love of reading romance books with her interest in social media.

Josette spends her weekends creating content for her bookstagram, baking all kinds of sweets, and catching up on the newest book releases. She loves to watch every single sport possible (and sometimes all at the same time). Her favorite teams are Chelsea FC and Real Madrid. She is also a newer fan of F1 thanks to the Dirty Air Series by Lauren Asher!

Meah Cukrov, Promotions Assistant

Meah is a begrudgingly self-confessed cat person who loves to make other people laugh and lives for the opportunity to infuse humor into anything. Well known for making jokes that are tangent-y, being incapable of detecting sarcasm (I know, it’s the WORST super power ever – ask her about it sometime!), and her rainbow colored hair.

She is endlessly curious and often can be found asking why/what/how questions regarding the wonders of the universe. She loves books, reads voraciously, and feels deeply grateful to all the authors and writers who have shared their stories with the world. Without them imprinted on her heart she would not be the Meah she is today. 

Her favorites genres are YA and new adult fantasy, and she has recently discovered she loves fake dating romance! When she’s not reading you can find Meah exploring the forests of Oregon, canoodling with her cat Nala, and doing a billion various other hobbies that are far too numerous to list.